Kappa Kappa Iota: Nu State (California)
A Professional Organization for Educators

To join Nu State Kappa Kappa Iota

All Teachers (Classroom and Retired) wishing to join are asked to contact the area closest to their home to receive information as to where each chapter meets, the information regarding dues, and activities of each of the chapters.

The roster, newsletter and chapter calendars will be available to members on this web site, as well as by mail and email.

Potential teachers and those teachers who are seeking another degree are asked to contact the area closest to their home to receive information regarding scholarships given by the organization.

Why join Kappa?

Kappa is unique in that there is a "connectedness" among the membership. Kappas at every level, chapter, state, and national are known to support other Kappas through empathy, philanthropic projects, scholarships, and personal contacts.

In Kappa, potential, current and retired educators, men and women, gain the benefit of friendship, contacts, understanding, help and advice, and a chance to contribute to their local communities.

Working classroom teachers and campus members agree the "Kappa provides an opportunity to learn from others professionally, and by example; gracefulness, class, humility, strength, and enjoyment of one's profession."

As a retired teacher said, "I've never been a joiner and didn't think of joining professional groups, or sororities in college. However, I wanted to stay involved with education, and it's the quality of the people I know in Kappa that convinced me to join and has kept me here. I've made good friends and found that in Kappa there are no nasty politics or backstabbing. The members are strong people who treat each other with respect."

Membership in a professional organizaton is good on the resume of those starting their careers in education.


Upon initiation, a member is asked to pay the following yearly dues:

Chapter Dues - varies by chapter
National KKI - $40.00
Life Membership - $400.00 for National KKI
Nu State KKI - $13.00
Campus Dues - $20.00 + Chapter dues
Inactive Dues - $20.00 + Chapter dues

No Kappa chapter near you? Start one!

Come to a Kappa meeting if you can, contact leaders by phone and email, get to know them and find out what's involved in starting a chapter. Contact a board member for more information on starting a chapter.

The first Kappa chapters were begun in southern California, and due to the unique shape of the state, being 840 miles long, it has been difficult for chapters on opposite ends of the state to keep connected across the long distance. However, things have changed and keeping connected long distance is much easier than it used to be.

If a group of friends and colleagues want to start a new Nu State chapter, you will be very welcome and recieve all the support possible to help you get started.