Kappa Kappa Iota: Nu State (California)
A Professional Organization for Educators
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    State scholarships are established to help deserving teachers have additional opportunities for personal and professional growth, but first of all, to honor those persons who have made outstanding contributions to the development and extension of Kappa Kappa Iota. For this reason, it is most important that all selections of applicants for State Scholarships be made on the following qualifications:
    1. The applicant shall have been a member of Kappa Kappa Iota for at least 2 years.
    2. The applicant shall have had leadership experience in his/ her local chapter.
    3. The applicant shall have attended an area conference or a convention.
    4. The applicant shall have made significant contributions to Kappa Kappa Iota during his/ her years of membership and activity; therefore, it is essential that he/she be approved by his/her local chapter.
    5. The applicant shall have a worthy reason for wanting a scholarship; either to attain higher and/or professional accreditation, certification, a degree or attain professional enrichment in a field of education.
    6. The applicant shall have been active in other worthwhileorganizations; social, educational, civic or other.
    7. The applicant may or may not have a financial need, but the State Scholarship Committee may give special attention to financial need in making a choice between two worthy applicants. The final decision will be up to the State Scholarship Committee and the Nu State Board of Directors.
    8. The applicant may be any person who is currently, or will be, devoting a major part of his/her time to teaching or an allied field.
    9. A non-member applicant may be a relative or friend who is sponsored by a Kappa Kappa Iota member in good standing.

    1. Applications can be obtained from the State Scholarship Chairperson or from the local Chapter President.
    2. Applications must be filled in completely and concisely. Additional pages may be added only in the event space is not sufficient on the form.
    3. All forms must be:
      1. completed and signed by the applicant.
      2. signed by the local Chapter President with a written recommendation.
    4. In the event a Chapter President is an applicant, the Chapter Vice President shall sign the application and write a recommendation.
    5. The local Chapter President shall send the original application to the State Scholarship Committee.
    6. Scholarship applications submitted to the State Scholarship Chairperson shall be postmarked no later than October 1st to be reported at the Area Conference.
    7. Scholarships that are given at State Convention shall be post marked no later than March 1st.